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Burrito Bar $6.75
Mexican Chicken/ Mexican Steak/ Shrimp
Roll/ Sliced Bread $6.75
Hero/ wrap/ Pita/ Panini $7.45
Grilled Chicken-
Roll/ Slices Bread $6.75
Hero/ Wrap/ Pita/ Panini $7.45
 At Shelly’s Kitchen, our plan is simple: great food in generous portions served in a relaxed, comfortable setting by friendly people. Our commitment to the quality of the food and service we deliver is unwavering, and we take that commitment seriously.We clearly understand that any success we may achieve is driven by the level of service we provide to the folks we work with and the guests who choose our restaurant. That’s what we’re all about: taking care of people. Our great food and warm, friendly atmosphere may bring people in, but it’s the way we take care of them that keeps bringing them back. You see, at Sarah’s Kitchen Cafe, we have two rules:
  1. Regulars get treated special, and
  2. Everyone’s a Regular!

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